Top 10 Best Canon T6i Accessories Review (Updated 2022)

Best Canon T6i Accessories

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Canon is at the forefront of the camera industry, and Canon rebel T6i is one of their best models available in the market.

A good camera is essential for inspiring photography, but to take pictures that stand out needs a selection of appropriate accessories that help take inspiring pictures conveniently.

No matter what kind of a photographer you are, using the right accessories Is always significant.

Even if you are a person who likes to capture sceneries or a professional photographer, these innovative accessories really prove their worth in helping you to make your pictures look perfect.

Whether you want to prohibit camera shakes or you want to use your camera for a more extended period of time or capture views with distinct features, these products are a perfect fit for you.

The following are the 10-best canon rebel t6i and t7i accessories that are worth investing in. Let's take a deep look.

It is a battery grip substitution for Canon EOS 750D/760D Rebel T6i and T6s cameras. It can hold two lithium-ion battery packs. Thus, it has double tolerance.

This product, with its excellent rubber and sublime coating, brings pleasure to the customer and causes no harm to its user.

It carries a dial wheel and function buttons with it for several operations. There is no doubt that this item makes shoots easy and brings convenience to photographers.

Only a few cameras come with an option of camera grip. Battery grips make the life of a photographer easy by providing the extra power required for individual shots.

This battery grip includes space for two batteries operating in T6i cameras. This is one of the best accessories for canon t6i.

Canon manufactures battery grip for almost all of its cameras. Battery grip helps increase the shoot time, as many photographers appreciate that to get all of their work done in one go.

The right battery grip must be chosen for the camera. This is one of the best canon t6i accessories as it has two times the battery slots for more life and ensures that one has a good grip on the camera.

The accessories which one can afford and are in their budget they should keep those accessories, there are other canon eos rebel t6i accessories also.

Canon T6i is not the camera with good battery life, so one needs to get this battery in their kit; whether you are going on a trip or shooting for a wedding, an additional battery is a must accessory. Canon rebel t6i accessories are super cool.


  • Suitable to use for long shoots.
  • Cheap as compared to its other similar products.
  • Sturdy in nature without having an unpleasant smell.
  • To use DSLR, the grip switch can be easily turned off.
  • It has scroll wheel functions.
  • A hand strap or neck strap loop is also available.


  • It takes a moment to turn on after the placement of new batteries.
  • At times, zoom-in and zoom-out have darker shades than the ones in camera.

This product is excellent to be used for point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders. It allows its users to take photos and to transfer them with a double speed of 80MB/s as compared to regular SDHC cards saving time.

It shows exceptional performance in video recording with high storage capacity. 64GB memory makes this product distinguished for holding thousands of images and for recording full HD video.

Memory plays a vital role in every aspect of life. Imagine living a life with no long-term and short-term memories. A human without memory can’t recall their names even.

So how do we expect a machine to work without a sound memory card? When you have your cannon T6i, tripod, battery grip, flash, but you don’t have your memory card. Imagine the turmoil of the situation.

You are living in wooden, capturing beautiful nature, birds, waterfalls, and all of a sudden, there is no memory of it saved in your camera? Isn’t it saddening? But there is always a solution to a problem, and here the answer is the SanDisk memory card.


  • High-quality performance and reasonable data transfer rate.
  • Immense storage capacity.
  • Being waterproof and X-ray-proof ensures its durability.
  • It can be used for extra storage in a laptop.
  • Allows video recording without interruption.
  • 10-year warranty


  • Once corrupted, there is no recovery option for your data.
  • May not handle too much shock.

The high-power telephoto lens with 500mm focal length; allow photographers to take pictures with high precision creating great work of art. Its multi-coated optical glass having a high index and low dispersion reduces blaze.

For professional usage, 2X Tele-converter doubles the power of its lens to 1000mm. It shows excellent compatibility with various models of cameras. It is good to use for long exposures and is perfect for astrophotography.

In today’s world, cinematics plays an essential role in filmmaking. But cinematics is not as pleasing to shoot as they are to watch. It requires perfect light, camera angles, and techniques.

But this problem has been solved with a telephoto lens that gives the ideal spark to make a life of customer shinny and not whinny for bad lighting.

It comes with vertical and horizontal rotation angles because flexibility is all we want in life.


  • Easy usage and high precision-level.
  • For lens balance, it has a tripod collar.
    Includes a T-mount adapter.
  • Reduced flare.
  • Cheap as compared to high-power lenses.


  • Needs fast shutter speed.
  • Cannot be used for auto-focus purposes.
  • Need certain settings to be made to ensure proper usage.

Suitable for balanced exposures, this product is a perfect match for balance exposures in broad daylight.

This excellent item has proved itself an indispensable accessory for both amateur and professional photographers. It allows a step increment of 1/8 to have control over lighting power.

For convenient and balanced usage, it has the Standard Hot Shoe Stand. It has a charging indicator to indicate a low battery.

Having a flash on the camera helps in situations where there is not enough good lighting; however, a flash that is separate from the camera works better as it can be adjusted anywhere for perfect shots.

It works well from 100 feet away from the camera. It gives an option to take pictures without being near the camera as it has a wireless trigger option.


  • Different mode buttons make it easy to use.
  • Light adjustment.
  • Fast recycle time.
  • Cheap as compared to other speed-lite products.
  • Rotation angles allow broad coverage.
  • Easy on and off.


  • With high power operation, it cannot be used for long interval of time.

This power supply kit has a power adapter, DC couple, and AC cable.  It eliminates the requirement of multiple batteries, can provide continuous DC power for long shoots and recordings.

It has a built-in chip that gives protection against over-heating, exceeding voltage or current, and short circuit operation.

LED indicator shows whether the adaptor is working or not. It even provides safety against overcharging, which most of the time is absent for other products.

Herbivores require plants to survive. Carnivores need meat and plants to survive. Similarly, cameras require batteries.

Batteries are their heart that provides the necessary amount of energy. A secret to a healthy life is always a well-functioning heart.

Cannon brings us the most liable, reusable lithium-ion batteries.

A professional photographer needs to carry a bag as they have many accessories to take with the camera. A good quality bag can go a long way.

This bag has adequate capacity, can carry up to two cameras, two to five lenses, a laptop, books, and the shoulder straps are comfortable to wear.


  • Continuous constant power.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Being light makes it portable.
  • Has warranty period of 1 year.
  • It ensures voltage stability.
  • User-friendly.


  • If the first-time usage instructions are not followed, it can lead to some dire consequences.

This professional HD wide-angle lens is an exact match for wide-angle photography, especially for landscapes.

Easy to attach a macro lens allows high-resolution photographs for framing the slightest features of objects.

HD optical glass filters reduce reflections and blaze, providing commendable pictures of nature and other shoots.

Easy assembling and disassembling of this product make it convenient to use, and it also has a protective pouch.


  • Best for wide-angle photography.
  • This product has a wide-angle lens and also a macro lens.
  • It is made of quality material.
  • One of the best accessories for canon t6i
  • Lightweight.
  • It brings no flare in pictures.


  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for street photography.

With a working distance of 100 meters, this wireless remote shutter allows us to operate the camera without shaking and disturbing the quality of the image.

Instead of being behind the cameras, this product enables photographers to take their photos without any inconvenience.

It comes with having a transmitter, receiver, and cable. Transmitter has an operating frequency of 2.4MHz.

It has a sensor on a receiver that turns on a green light whenever it is switched on.

The lightweight aluminum wireless remote shutter requires a steady base. So, when the ground is firm, we can plan forward.

An excellent wireless remote shutter is like a stable base to a camera because when the camera is fixed, the photographer can work on different things like light, angles.

Film making is the new normal you see every teenager aspire to do. An excellent wireless remote shutter can make all the difference in the world as it can bring out fantastic results.

This wireless remote shutter is 150 cm long, weighs 2.6 pounds, and can support 11 pounds of weight, which is more than enough for many cameras.

And one thing that bears the struggle of adventures of a photographer is his or her wireless remote shutter, standing still in the rain, forest, mountains helping to capture that perfect shot. Canon brings the most lightweight aluminum wireless remote shutter.


  • With this product, you can be your photographer.
  • Suitable working range of 100 meters.
  • Suitable for cameras of other brands having a different cable.
  • Indicators lights to show power on/off.
  • Best for a more extended period of use.


  • Suspected to radio signal interruption.
  • Not suitable for long exposures

This filter product removes glare caused to reflecting surfaces such as water and glass and provides images of enhanced color and contrast.

The filter factor has a range of 2.3 to 2.8, which depends on the degree of rotation and how much it is exposed to the sun.

Taking perfect photographs of the sky without any curtail in colors is made possible with the item. Images shoot through this polarizer glass filter are deeper in color and are more vibrating and appealing.


  • Contrast Enhancement.
  • Cheap.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Best for taking photos of horizon.
  • It also has a rotating mount.


  • Sometimes causes flare in images if directly shot at water.

This accessory protects against light due to exposures of long durations. It also acts as a shield for the camera lens against dirt and skin marks.

It has a plastic body with a mushy rubber to protect and bring comfort to the eyes of the photographer.

It fits a wide variety of cameras. It blocks unnecessary light that otherwise can interfere with the lens, and thus exposure value is changed.

Cameras used for long hours need to charge, but there isn’t always a suitable charging spot. In these kinds of situations, the eyepiece comes in handy.

The eyepiece is one of the best accessories for canon t6i as it is specifically made for this model of camera.


  • Once glued together, it can work correctly for the rest of the time.
  • Protects the eyes and the lens.
  • Cheap and easy to use.
  • The soft outer edge lands perfectly and smoothly on the skin.
  • Compatible for various cameras.
  • Easy and straightforward to use.


  • If it falls from considerable height then it might break

This product allows photographers to clean and wipe off the dust from cameras to obtain clear and professional shots.

Its one-way airflow valve satisfies the different cleaning requirements. It has a suction cup and anti-rotating design, which prohibits the air blower from toppling over.

It is made of silicon and is thus durable. It allows only clean and filtered air to enter into the air blower to clean different parts. It has a rubber bulb that can snap back open with fantastic tension.



  • Delicate
  • Rare to find


If you have Canon T6i and you are looking for accessories that are best compatible with the model, then this guide is beneficial for you as this not only highlights which accessories are needed but also points out for which brand the individual can opt for the best accessories for canon t6i.

Buying Guide

In this guide, we have compiled those accessories that are found to be compatible with Canon T6i.

We have analyzed multiple factors that best canon t6i accessories worth your money and what you can expect from those accessories.

The best accessories for canon t6i help photographers to enhance the quality of their photos by making full use of their tools. Some of them are needed to take improved shoots while others are utilized to have sharp images of high resolution.

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Many of the camera accessories present in the market bring comfort and convenience to the photographers.

These products are either required at the moment when shots are taken, or they may be utilized in the future.

Here are the features of the best canon t6i accessories:

  • SD Card 64 GB: As much as the right battery is essential, storing pictures is also very significant.
    The SanDisk SD card is one of the best brands available in the market that Is compatible with Canon T6i.
    It is fast, reliable, and can store thousands of pictures and HD quality videos; providing ample storage is also very reasonable.

Sometimes the pictures are taken indoors or later in the day, so a good quality flash is also a  significant accessory.

The Neewer flash is convenient, reasonable as it rotates vertically as well as horizontally.

  • The Reflector: if you don’t have a flash, then using this Reflector, light can be bounced on the subject, and a photographer can take many professional shots with warm colors. The Neewer 5 in 1 reflector is best for Canon t6i.
  • Tripod Stand: To take studio-quality pictures, a tripod stand is necessary. To take photos with a steady hand and at right angles, the Zoomei 55 compact tripod is just right for your Canon T6i.
  • Rocket air blasters: These are great to clean dirt and debris from your lenses; camera sensors help in quick and easy cleaning of your camera.
  • Screen protector: Expert shield screen protector have a unique gel solution that protects your screen from scratches, and one doesn't have to worry about cleaning the screen regularly.

It is quoted: In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality."

Photography and Canon's efforts go hand in hand with cannon launching their first camera in 1934. Each year cannon has come with innovations in the world of photography and filmmaking.

That’s why cannon holds a prominent place for making our memories live forever. Cannon launched its family-friendly T6i camera in 2015 with basic designs and functions.

But you know what, a batman is a simple man without his black metallic mask. Similarly, a camera without accessories is nothing but a simple useless tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Canon EOS rebel t6i accessories do I need?

But the above mentioned are the most basic that a photographer will need for a better experience.

How does a Neewer reflector work?

The collapsible 5 in 1 Neewer reflects or bounces off the light from different surfaces so that the picture came out more precise and beautiful with warm colors.

Why do I need to buy the canon rebel t6i accessories?

Now if a camera is used occasionally then this battery is not needed but if the camera is used frequently or for event coverage then this battery is necessary.

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