Best Nikon D3400 Accessories (Top 10 Picks Reviewed)

Nikon D3400 Accessories

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Nikon is a famous manufacturer of cameras and has been in this field for a long time now. The Nikon d3400 is a great product of this company as you can zoom in and out really easily and take extraordinary shots in low light conditions.

Like other cameras, this camera also needs some accessories attached to it by which you get a more impressive image from the camera.

The real question is that what accessories should I get for Nikon D3400? The best Nikon d3400 accessories are mentioned below.

Nikon Lithium-ion Battery accessory is one of the most demandable innovations with exceptional lithium technology with matchless recitals.

You can utilize the battery for as long hours as you want with its unvarying transmission of power.

It is compatible with Nikon d3400, d3300, d3200 DSLR Cameras. MH 24 charger is used with the lithium battery. It consists of 7.2 power volts and 15 gm battery weight.

This battery endures longer than the first battery (EN-EL 14) that accompanied my D3200. I will purchase this battery once more.

I horrendously looked for all the recommendations on Amazon searching for an additional battery.

After getting the battery I was certain it was weak, so I chose to take a few pictures and send Nikon to check the battery was genuine.

The battery I purchased here is actually equivalent to the one that accompanied the camera. At the point when I returned home, I watched the talk and found that others had a similar issue.

This one, which I purchased, is made by Nikon and sold through Amazon. I have utilized conventional camera batteries on different cameras, modest batteries that accompany another additional bundling, less expensive individual buys, and less expensive batteries accompanying a charger. Exceptionally content with this battery.


  • It has a compact power supply even in colder conditions and highly capable of long-time usage.
  • Compatible with Nikon d3400, d3300, d3200 DSLR Cameras
  • Moderate cost
  • Durable Lithium-ion battery


  • As it is a rechargeable battery, you might have to recharge it again and again, even after a few hours of use.
  • Finishes fast

One of the most luxurious filter kits for Nikon lenses includes a variety of products such as Close-up lens cascade, wide-angle optics, teleconverter, cleansing fabric, lens lid, lens pouch, anti-drop strap, and lens cloak.

It is consistent with Nikon d3400 and d5600. The kit's close-up lens filter is best for shooting tiny like coins, trin, and cre, es and, dental and other technical work.

Simultaneously, Teleconverter works really well for covering events, photographing sports, travel, and portraits. The quality truly intrigued me.

The arrangement of lenses and channels is an insane business! Wide point and focus are incredible augmentations to the new camera.

The channels work well overall; the nearby range is delightful. I truly value the additional lens cap, link, and pocket to keep all channels, so they don't get scratched.

Each lens should be combined, which is quite cool. The lens looks extraordinary, and I'm willing to wager they'll forestall any glass breakage in a portion of the less genuine mishaps.

The wide-point lens is acceptable quality as long as you don't zoom in rapidly. The lens blend is absolutely brilliant; if you follow the normal calculation, each cost only a couple of dollars.

I'm not an expert photographer using any means, but rather it would appear that this set will do what I require at the cost. So, I was extremely content with the channels.

So, on appearance, one of the lenses was totally unusable. Yet, I would not like to bring it back as I actually had the greatest lens and all the channels that I was content with.

This is an incredible unit for anybody hoping to get into photography. It also fits 55mm lenses and makes pictures look extraordinary.


  • Kits’ UV filter protects your lens from scratches, eliminates fingerprints
  • The combination is extraordinary with Nikon d3400
  • Ideal focal length
  • One of the best Nikon d3400 accessories
  • It soaks up UV rays. Hance, leaving some stronger contrast to your illustrations and films.


  • The filter kit accessories can only be managed to use with a 58mm lens irrespective of the Product or Camera model.
  • Costly

The protector is manufactured from hard substance glass that has 9H external solidity. It is an exceptional protector made of glass that is much better than steel.

It offers stiff and effective protection and has a crystal-rich visual glass that surpasses usual shields or layers' simplicity.

It is straightforward to use and covers dust, splashes, and marks of fingerprints. It has a compact feature of automatic installation stimulated by touch.

Moreover, it is transparent in color and has a 0.3mm-0.5mm thickness level. I went out to photograph a few wildflowers after putting on the screen protector, and it stayed where it was with no issue. Everything looks fine.

I just purchased the Nikon D3400, which is my first such computerized camera. When I requested these screen protectors, I had no clue about how to join them.

After the camera show screen is cleaned, a slim plastic spread is eliminated from the screen protector and put over the camera screen.

I don't know how it remains set up, yet it would appear that a 'vacuum cleaner' is set up on the camera screen.

They accompanied two cleaning towels, one 'wet' and one 'dry.' Utilize these towels to clean the camera screen before putting on the condom.

I figured out how to get a screen protector on the D3400 in seconds without bubbles! It looks tough and is impervious to fingerprints.

Simple to clean with a fabric. I was stressed. It may be broken as it was dispatched in what gives off an impression of being an exceptionally delicate letterbox, yet it was fine.

It's a decent screen protector for my Nikon 3500 screen. It was easy to introduce, such as putting a screen protector on your mobile phone.

Ensure the camera screen is spotless and dry before applying. I'm so happy I purchased this.


  • It is power resilient and water-proof.
  • Super light
  • Protects your lenses
  • Prevents scratches and water


  • It is a bit difficult to install.
  • Useless after a few applications

It is the most incredible shield cover to protect your DSLR from crashes and scrapes that permits you to take off the camera in the case.

When using the case, you can smoothly hold and work with a camera belt and fits your camera's frame and lens.

It also provides you with the space for carrying add-ons such as a zipped accessory pouch to hold small extras like memory cards and lens filters.

A protected and resilient hook connector lets you affix the case to your strap circle while tapping the camera.

It works impeccably for what I need. It secures the camera enough that I can place the camera in my knapsack without agonizing over it being harmed.

You may have the option to fit a couple of SD cards; however, that is it. You can't convey the additional battery in this pocket except if you actually have a little lens size for this situation.

You might have the option to place an additional battery in the case with the camera on it.

I required something to secure my camera when I welcomed my camera with me on the hike. There is no space for the climbing gear as these are large openings for the camera, or there is no insurance for the camera.

I am wary about the body's size since I utilized an 18-200mm Nikkor lens, which is marginally longer than a stock 18-50mm lens.

The camera is case-viable and is adaptable enough that the Velcro arrives at contact and closes firmly.

Interestingly, with a lens of this size, the pocket looking into it spread can't be utilized for sensible extra room.

I don't know how great the climate obstruction is, but it may evade some minor stains.

I travel a piece globally, and now I can toss the camera in my pack with this sack from my PC without stressing excessively.

By and large, in case you're hoping to abstain from conveying a cumbersome camera pack all over, this is the ideal alternative.

I have appended a few photos of my Nikon D3200 and a similar body with an 18-200mm lens.


  • It is light-weight
  • Easy to use
  • Covers 18-200mm lens
  • Gives extra space for accessories
  • Protects lens from scratches and keep it supersafe


  • It isn’t suitable for big cameras as it could not carry them
  • Not durable

It is built with high-level quality having an IC chip within. Completely decoded Nikon accessory for DSLR, it is one of the most innovative batteries in the market.

The device is entirely protected from being over-charged, over-burned, or short-circuit.

The adaptor has a very unique design and is handy for outdoor or adventure filmmaking.

It has a one-year warranty and if the deal with any problem in quality, can be reimbursed unreservedly. It didn't take long to show up.

I required it for a picture box and since it was an outsider item, I had a few concerns. Yet, I even sat well overall. Utilized for a month and never overheated once or neglected to turn on my Nikon d7100.

If you need to utilize the camera all the time at home or in the studio, this functions admirably for Nikon D810 and Nikon Z6. Try not to change the batteries if work throughout the day!

I got it since I needed to do time-pass photography with my D800, which includes leaving it similarly situated for a few days all at once.

I've never had any issues including the battery level marker that different analysts have said they have issues with and it most likely relies upon the camera model.

This is totally missing when utilizing the camera's inward battery. I got it for use on my Nikon D800 and D810 camcorders.

Battery life for photographs is extraordinary on the two cameras, however, utilizing them for video creation will in general deplete the battery rapidly.

I use it in the studio on my D500, and it's the messiest camera ever!


  • It is very handy, easy to use, and convenient for long video recordings.
  • You can even record the video for the whole day without setting off your device by swapping your power bank.
  • Charges fast
  • Portable and light in weight


  • When the power connecter is being run for 4 hours, you need to halt it for two minutes.
  • Quality is not so good

The battery is made up of Lithium-ion technology and possesses remarkably a long power lifespan. Its voltage power is 7.5 volts, capacity is 1030mAh, and a battery wait of 29 gm.

You can charge the battery at any time without even worrying about over-charging effects.

It even allows you to record videos or images for a long time. The accessory compatible with Nikon models d3400, d3500, d5200, d5600, and d5100. It also has a one-year warranty period. It works well, indeed.

The batteries hold their charge similarly, just like those of the Nikon D3400. I've never utilized a vehicle charger; however, I'm certain it works incredibly.

I took these batteries with me out traveling to Asia and they were simply amazing. I took an entire day of touring and recording, and it's too simple to top up.

The charger functions admirably anyplace and having an additional battery is an enormous reward.

These batteries don't keep going as long as the Nikon brand that accompanied my camera, yet that will be normal.

It holds an excellent charge of brand name batteries, particularly considering the low cost and you get two batteries.

So, I haven't had it for quite a while. However, I can reveal to you it works incredibly in my Nikon D3400; it doesn't keep going up to an OEM battery. I contemplate 400 photographs with another completely energized battery.

The main explanation I'm content with these things is the cost. They charge rapidly, and I love the vehicle charger's comfort so I can charge while driving between photoshoots if necessary.

I got this for a Nikon d3200, and I'm exceptionally content with it! I charged the two batteries for use at a birthday celebration for an organization I was recruited to take photographs of.

They endured the entire party and took around 100 photographs. The primary battery kept going around 2 hours with the camera still on.


  • They are rechargeable and work for a longer lifespan.
  • Super compatible with Nikon models d3400, d3500, d5200, d5600, and d5100
  • Extra back up of nearly 2 hours
  • Super-fast charging


  • They are not compatible within any kind of extension such as a 2x battery container attachment
  • Not durable

Exclusively customized for Nikon d3400 and other Nikon types, this mega gear UL Neoprene Case accessory is constructed from scrape free, robust, and stuffed neoprene material to deliver maximum safety. These best Nikon d3400 accessories play a vital role for Nikon camera d 3400.

It is quick, adaptable, convenient, and frivolous, which sucks up the slightest space, letting the case be a perfect and compact Nikon d3400 accessory.

It has a compact outer covering to protect your lens from dirt, smudges, splashes, and scrapes. Its package weight is 0.25 pounds, and the item weight is 0.17 pounds.

These batteries are great as extra reinforcement batteries. I use them as reinforcement duplicates of my Nikon batteries. It's a help when taking photographs for a gathering or wedding.

I lost one of the D5100 (Nikon) batteries, so I began searching for an extra. So, it's a large portion of the cost, and I got a couple, so I wasn't anticipating a similar degree of value as my Nikon battery.

So far, all is well. Both are very much stacked and work like enchantment in a camera.

We are presently on a multi-week travel experience. I have the low height to convey the entirety of the camera gear attached to my Nikon 5500.

However, this Mega Gear case is the one with me when we go out for the day with a solitary lens.

However, you convey the camera with just a single lens, and you need a lightweight spread that ensures it and gives you brisk admittance to get that camera. I purchased the LowePro TLZ 20 Compact Carrying Case a month before I got it.

This item works decently with the Nikon D3300. If you need to convey a Nikon DSLR with you around your neck or shoulder to be prepared for a photo shoot, this is the best I've found.

I also have a LowePro scarf, a great pack if you need a satchel, and some basic lenses.

This is actually what I was searching for. I have a genuinely substantial camera sack that goes with me on my get-away.


  • It is protective, fast, easy to use, and compact accessory.
  • Light and protective
  • Durable case for Nikon d3400
  • Affordable


  • It does not fit well with every Nikon Camera Model.

Compatible with almost any Nikon Camera models, compact yet easy to use having exceptional functionalities, the Eyepiece Nikon accessory is something to stamp out stray illumination to enhance viewfinders. It is very flexible in nature – for both straight and upright view, the eyecup is 360 degrees rotatable.

Its substance for the internal loop is plastic. It contains a gross weight of 0.9 ounces and a net weight of 0.3 ounces.

Since the eye eyepieces are easy to connect and eliminate from the camera, I can switch between the two - by grasping the camera, utilizing an eyecup that squares out light. It was cool even following fourteen days of falling, similar to the first.

You can place a 'little' drop of clear silicone in each 'top internal corner', at that point place the eye fix.

If I need to eliminate it, it will fall off with next to no power. You can even eliminate the old silicone without any problem.

Some way or another I lost my unique eyecup when I introduced one that squares light from arriving along the edge of my eye when utilizing my camera's viewfinder.

I currently utilize the live LCD screen more than the viewfinder, which forestalls the head of the LCD screen from appearing.

It works incredibly with the Nikon D90, D750, and a portion of my Nikon genius settings for my photoshoots around the globe.

Truly sensible cost - truly stunning from Nikon.


  • It provides extra security to its users especially for people who wear glasses.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • Protect your lenses
  • Durable eye cups


  • This Nikon accessory you need is not convenient for any type of lenses.
  • Hard to clean

The screen protector accessory is impeccably consistent with the Nikon d3400 DSLR Camera lens. It is efficient, rigid, hard, and highly sensitive in nature.

Consisting of 9H tempered glass, 0.3mm density, and 2.5 D edge, crook does not seem to have a screen shield.

It consists of a protective covering against scratches, fingerprints, and your camera screen.

It contains two packs that include dry scrubbing paper, screen shield, damp scrubbing paper, and dirt absorber.

Its item weight is 0.32 ounces. It is helpful if another comes in the bundle. This one wound up working. I could see a ton of microfibers and residue particles. Check and clean your screen altogether before placing it on the lens.

Regarding cleaning items, you have a ton of choices, and this screen protector is appropriate for your Nikon D3400.

It doesn't pull in fingerprints, and you can scarcely see what it looks like on the screen.

Nonetheless, the genuine test of applying a screen protector has ended up being great. At that point, you open the visor pivot, strip off the defensive film, and tenderly clasp it set up.

It's truly simple to set up. It is an ideal fit for Nikon D3400. The directions for cleaning the screen part of the camera are clear as crystal.

However, the guidelines are somewhat ambiguous concerning the 'manual stickers.' The camera screen is plastic, and I was concerned it may deteriorate. This screen protector takes care of these issues.

It's a much better and more pragmatic style than your commonplace processing plant choker.


  • It has a warranty period and can be reimbursed if damaged or faced with any other issue.
  • Ideal for Nikon d3400 DSLR Camera lens.
  • Easy to clean
  • 9H tempered glass, 0.3mm density, and 2.5 D edge crook make it a unique screen protector


  • It is too thick to use.
  • Low quality

It is of high quality, high definition, and high indexed telescopic lens used for Nikon, Sony, Pentax, and Panasonic models. It comprises of 10 close-up lenses, completely multi-layered and laced, and looped.

If you are a regular photographer, you would need to carry many different lenses with you, such as fast prime Len, Macro Len, Telephonic lens, and other types of the lens by which you can take amazing pictures from different angles.

A photographer should also keep quite a few types of filters with them and add different effects and colors to their photos.

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A High-quality picture has a couple of MBs file sizes, so one should keep a couple of SD cards with themselves when they go out to click an abundance of pictures.

This Nikon demandable accessory you must need is amazingly infrared rays consistent and extremely autofocus.

Moreover, it consists of 2 elements of neutral visual glass that is having minimal diffusion. It is an essential accessory whenever you require emphasizing some item rigidly with a long lens.

What accessories should I get for the Nikon d3400? We hope that you are clear now.

The Nikon d3400 is a great camera on its own, but if you want to further enhance its performance, you should follow the buying guide mentioned above and purchase some accessories.


  • This is a long-long-term, rigid, and robust material that maintains your glass shielded for years.
  • Ideal focal length
  • Clear result
  • HD clarity of picture


  • The lens is small in size.
  • Bottom line

Buying Guide

It depends on person to person that for what reason they want to use their camera after which they would decide what accessories they would buy for a camera.

The question is for Nikon d3400 what accessories do I need? By following the guide above, you will be able to know what accessories I should get for Nikon d3400.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What accessories do you need with the Nikon d3400 camera?

You can get good lenses, a tripod, some UV filters, and a backup as accessories for your D3400 camera.

Is the Nikon D3400 a good camera?

This is a great camera and is quite impressive in low light conditions.

What accessories should I have for Nikon d3400?

The essential accessories are spare batteries, an abundance of SD Cards, and camera straps for your neck, shoulder, and wrist strap.

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