Top 5 Best SD Cards for GoPro Cameras (Updated)

Best SD Cards for GoPro

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Purchasing SD cards with higher memory is extremely important for your data backup. You can take tons of photos and photographs if you have a quality SD card in your GoPro cameras.

A lot is expected from SD cards: high speed, enhanced picture quality, seamless transfer, affordable rates, and much more.

However, very few cards can offer all the features that are required from an SD card to improve the functionality of an action camera.

We selected the best SD cards for GoPro cameras. Let’s check them out. They can be used for waterproof action cameras too.

This thing has extraordinarily changed my unassuming phone into total force—any individual who guarantees that fake micro SD cards need better examination.

Up until now, it's the sacred goal of versatile storage. It's more memory than the ThinkPad W530 workstation SSD.

With regards to quality, you can't beat SanDisk, and they were available from the beginning in the SD card yard.

At the point when you purchase a hard drive, you additionally don't get full limits concerning a similar explanation.

It's not merely SanDisk. If you purchase a 128 GB model, your gadget will consider it to be 119 GB as your system computes it at 1024 KB for every 1 MB. The size is determined based on 1000 KB for every MB, and not 1024 KB for each MB.

If this card isn't right somehow, at that point, it is excellent. I'm sure there are phony items out there, yet If you do choose to purchase this card, it may merit doing your tests before you think of them as phony just dependent on appearance.

A similar brand, in particular, has supplanted the memory of the Galaxy S9 + 64 GB. Presently my phone has more storage space than the primary two PCs.

The best survey of this card makes you imagine that the item you got, in light of physical appearance, is phony.

The speed tests and the H2testw programming appear to show that they arrive at the publicized speeds.

This rating has a place with the article SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-I 128 GB card with connector - 160 MB/s with SanDisk microSD USB 3.0 MobileMate card user.

Two cards from were dispatched and sold. It's incredibly miserable to see an inept analyst at the top when it is a unique item.

No bad things to say, I am really impressed.


  • Small but powerful storing card
  • Read speed of 160Mb/sec
  • Flawless performance
  • Water proof and shock proof
  • 30 year warranty


  • Corrupts fast
  • Speed not so high

I don't manage Samsung under any conditions. This is a genuine survey as I try to assist individuals with capitalizing on their hardware. Samsung SD 128GB - Samsung SSD 950 Pro - Both are equally good.

Samsung 128 GB 100 MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO Select has likewise tried on Samsung S8 in addition to and Samsung Tab S3 (inner SD storage and SD card).

I tried 4K photography and moved 4K content for around 45 minutes with no adjustments.

The analysts ensure that if you test your card, you will have a USB 3.0 connector and a USB 3.0 transport on your PC.

I can't help suspecting that a large number of them beneath typical outcomes that I see here posted have been tried on a USB 2.0 transport or utilizing a connector not perfect with a USB 3.0 transport.

Among the quickest with not exactly a large portion of the value, yes, it is a decent item. Samsung MicroSD EVO has broadly tried 128 GB 100 MB/s (U3); all I can say is that it's a substantial exhibition at an incredible cost.

I did some extra tests with CrystalDiskMark 5.1.2 x64 on the Samsung SSD 950 Pro 512 GB to test the security of the product; the qualities announced by Samsung are close and once in a while surpass what they publicize.

Numerous cell phones never need more than the storage space incorporated with their gadgets.

Samsung (MB-ME256GA/AM) 256GB is a decent option to choose if you are looking for a durable SD card for a GoPro camera.


  • Awesome read and write speed
  • Durable and can face extreme conditions
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Ideal for video recording
  • 10 year warranty


  • Not recognizable sometimes
  • Space is lower than actual

I had the chance to analyze the presentation of the quickest microSD cards as of now accessible from the best producers.

All cards referenced in this survey are acquired from Amazon in the previous week or two, except if in any case noted.

I comprehend that the benchmarks distributed by others are not legitimately similar to my outcomes as I set out to make a complete list of existing microSD cards available.

Regardless of whether you're recording with a camera or automaton, you can rapidly catch, play and replay lengths of the best 1080p Full HD, 3D, and 4K video, making it simple to keep over 36 hours of the best minutes, then return to work.

Then again, the composting speed is disillusioning, still with the included USB card user, I just got 40MB/s.

A consecutive compose speed of around 60 MB/s has been getting on the PC, which makes it a recognizable improvement in the write speed on the 633x blue card.

The cards are perfect for use with a camera or cell phone, making it simple to download or spare the entirety of your preferred media documents rapidly, including top-notch films, photographs, and tunes.

The past test was done on iMac, and I wrongly accepted that the test result on iMac could be contrasted with the test outcomes that others had distributed utilizing CrystalDiskMark.

The fast execution of Lexar Professional 1000x microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-II cards extraordinarily quickens your work process through and through, so you can spare time, time, and addition an upper hand.

Regardless of whether you are an expert picture taker, a videographer, or an incredible client of a cell phone, Lexar Professional 1000x microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-II cards convey dependable execution.

Premium memory gives you the speed and forces you to have to catch, move and offer more undertakings in a hurry.

I update the score to 5 stars.


  • Top-quality performance
  • Fast and responsive
  • Quality memory support
  • Made for high-speed performance
  • Lifetime support from manufacturer


  • Show SD error often
  • Low quality SD card

For quite a while, SanDisk has been experiencing 'fakes.' Indeed, even everywhere retailers, these business sectors are overflowed, regardless of whether or SanDisk has surrendered quality control, and I exceptionally question it.

What's more, Elite-X microSD streak memory cards have a V30 video speed class.

They are perfect for 4K Ultra HD video in 4096x3072 configuration, permitting clients to catch excellent substance on their cell phones.

PNY Elite-X appraised A1 is improved and streamlined for application execution and allows clients to dispatch applications straightforwardly from the microSD card, giving quicker dispatch and application execution than any time in recent memory.

Tiptop X microSD Flash Class memory cards are appraised Class 10, U3, V30, with reading velocities of up to 100MB/s, guaranteeing that clients cannot just store and offer substance rapidly and effectively, yet. In addition, Participate in HD shooting and 4K Ultra HD video utilizing U3 innovation.

PNY Elite-X Class 10 U3 V30 microSD memory cards are the perfect answer for growing versatile memory for cell phones, for example, cell phones, tablets, cameras, drones, and so forth., permitting clients to let loose space to appreciate progressively advanced substance.


  • Suitable for maximum usage efficiency
  • Read speed of 100 Mb/sec
  • Perfect for cameras and smartphones
  • Transfer heavy photos and videos fast
  • A1 app helps it to perform better


  • Card corrupts in weeks
  • Space is low

Originating from Samsung Pro 64 GB smaller scale SDXC, it was an enormous update from 64 GB to 400 GB with quick execution in the UHS-1 interface.

The bundle is in an envelope or other pack. Thus, the bundling was flawless, no collapsing, no scratches, no harm, and nothing.

In any case, when all is said in done, I am glad to purchase the overhaul. In case you're searching for another UHS-1 miniaturized scale SDXC card with quicker execution and limit, I suggest the SanDisk Extreme Pro 400 GB UHS-1 smaller scale SDXC card with a connector.

For instance, an introduced 400 GB Micro SDXC memory card has a storage limit of 366 GB because of the double arrangement of the working framework, regardless of whether the Micro SDXC card is put away in 400 GB in a decimal organization as promoted.

Concerning, I had the option to record 4k pictures without issue on my Samsung Galaxy S9 + Android cell phone at 30 edges for each second.

What's more, I likewise tried on my Nintendo Switch, and the storage limit is as yet 366 GB because of the double arrangement, which you can't do because of the working framework's twofold configuration.

The speed and storage limits were terrific in the UHS-1 interface. It is perfect with most gadgets that help smaller scale SDXC with phones, tablets, drones, Nintendo Switch, and UHS-1 cameras, name it. It accompanies 170 MB/s reads, and 90 MB/s compose.


  • 170 MB/s read speed
  • Supplied with a connector
  • 400 GB storage limit
  • Perfect with cell phones, drones, and tablets
  • Faster read/compose execution with no debasement


  • Costly SD card
  • Rare to find


As long as you know what you need from an SD card, our guide will help you choose the perfect card for you, by giving you data from not only the five best SD cards for GoPro cameras but also some excellent general features.

How to Best Use SD Cards for GoPro cameras?

It is best to choose the card that you can adequately maintain while using it. This implies the fact that an SD card should not be over-processed and should not be stuffed with data, as this will significantly reduce its usability and performance.

5 Features of Best SD Cards for GoPro Cameras

Looking for features that will suit your degree of professionalism or usage of the camera is the defining factor in determining which function will suit you the most.

However, in general, the following features are highly essential and found in every high-grade SD card, especially those mentioned in our list of 5 best SD cards for GoPro cameras.

1. Moderate to fast processing

The SD card should be capable of reading data up to 160Mbs per second at the very least. This will ensure that there are no interruptions or breaches in the data captured or being captured through the camera.

2. Good Storage Space

As you can see in all the best SD cards for GoPro cameras that we have recommended, this feature is prevalent and a basic necessity.

Space should at least be 64 to 128GB so you can comfortably store your data for more extended periods.

3. HD and 4K UHD Performance Support

The SD card should be able to process the HD and UHD 4K with relative ease otherwise your quality will be greatly compromised. (This factor also depends on the GoPro camera).

4. Compact Design

There is no use of huge or chunky cards that can be a nuisance to carry. For this reason, small and manageable sizes are preferred with a solid build to them.

5. Speed Level (U1 or 3)

If the card is rated at this level, it has a better ability to read/write copious amounts of data quickly than a lower-rated speed level.


What should a typical storage be?

The storage depends on your preference and the compatibility of the device, but it should typically be more than 64 GB. Many GoPro users have 128 GB SD cards, and that's working just fine.

How should I maintain my SD card?

Transfer your files to another medium and give them some rest. It's also a very good practice to avoid losing your data when the card is lost or damaged.

I have interrupted flow in my video. How should I avoid this?

Perhaps you need to consider an SD card of a higher processing level. If U3 is compatible with your device, it will be the best option. You should also check if your card supports the HD or 4K video format.

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