Canon M5 vs M6 Review & Comparison (2021)

It is the era of digitization, and the role played by cameras in this era is paramount. Almost in every industry out there, a camera is being used in one or another way. In short, a camera can be described as a sword with immense power to change the world around you. These little pieces of equipment have the potential to change the world through photography, filming, recording, and the most trending one: vlogging.

Canon M5 vs. M6 review

In addition to these cameras’ significance, the market is filled to brim with the new and latest camera almost every day, and competitors are asking their developers and engineers to build more useful and efficient cameras. This may sound like a good initiative at first. Still, when a purchaser enters a market filled with new and various cameras, he becomes confused, and choosing the right camera for him or herself merely becomes a task of intense stress.

So, we decided to make this hectic task of finding the perfect camera a little easier by writing a Canon EOS M5 vs. Canon EOS M6 camera review for our readers. These cameras are, without a doubt, the current trending and popular cameras around. Enjoy reading this Canon M5 Vs. M6 buyer guide.

Canon M5 Vs M6 camera review

In this Canon M5 Vs. M6 review will compare Canon M5 Vs. Canon M6, which are two advanced Mirrorless cameras manufactured by Canon. Both cameras were introduced in the market within a gap of one year. Canon M6 was launched in February 2017, while Canon M5 was launched a year before September 2016. It isn’t exactly a gap of 1 year, and if we can be more precise, then these cameras were introduced with a difference of 5 months only. This allows us to make just a comparison between these two cameras in terms of technology.

One thing to notice is that both cameras have interchangeable lenses and are equipped with an APS-C sensor with a resolution of 24.0 megapixels. Let us dig deep into the Canon M5 Vs. M6 buyer guide.

Main specifications of Canon M5:

  • It is a mirrorless camera with Canon EF-M mount lenses.
  • It has 24 megapixels with an APS-c sensor and provides 1080/60p video.
  • ISO is 100-25600
  • It also has an electronic viewfinder (2360k dots).
  • It contains a 3.2 inches LCD having 1620k dots with a tilting touch screen.
  • There are 9 shutter flaps per second.
  • You can 295 shots per charged battery.
  • Dimensions are 116 x 89 x 61 mm and weigh 427 grams.
  • It has a video resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • It also has a built-in Wireless.

Main specifications of Canon M6:

  • It is a mirrorless camera with Canon EF-M mount lenses.
  • It has 24 megapixels with an APS-c sensor and provides 1080/60p video.
  • ISO is 100-25600
  • It provides you with an optional viewfinder.
  • The size of the LCD is 3 inches with 1040 k dots along with a tilting touch screen.
  • There are 9 shutter flaps per second.
  • You can 295 shots per charged battery.
  • Dimensions of this camera are 112 x 68 x 45 mm and weigh 390 grams.
  • It has a video resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • It also has a built-in Wireless.
Canon M6

Disadvantages common in both!

One thing to know before purchasing any camera among these both is that they both do not have in-body image stabilization, and they do not have any environment sealing.

Now, as we have talked and discussed Canon EOS M5 vs. Canon EOS M6 in Canon M5 Vs., M6 buyer guide in a general way, let us walk through them in a little more detail, so that you have a decent idea of what you are going to buy. Whether you are looking for the best vlogging cameras or just going to start vlogging, you will need to read this guide carefully.

Body Comparison: Camera review!

You have read about the physical weights of Canon EOS M5 and Canon EOS M6 above, which have a minute difference with Canon M6 being the lighter one. We decided to enlighten you further with the sizes of this camera because these features can be a big hurdle during your journey of finding a camera for your use. Canon EOS M6 is compact and notably smaller than Canon EOS M5. Its body is 21 mm shorter and 4 mm narrower, and 16 mm thinner than Canon M5.

Furthermore, the weights mentioned above are incomplete unless the lenses are attached to these cameras, so a proper weight can only be given and observed when lenses are connected to the camera. Lastly, both lack weather sealing, so use them with care in different weather conditions that you may encounter.

Price Comparison: Canon M5 Vs M6 Buyer Guide!

When purchasing a camera, almost everything comes down to the cameras’ prices and the affordability of a person. When Canon M6 was launched, its price was 20 percent lower than Canon M5, making it quite famous among the tight budget vloggers. However, these retail prices were then subjected to discount after some time, so you might be able to get both of these cameras at a reasonable and sensible price.

Canon m6 vs m6 review

Canon M5 Vs M6: Sensor Comparison!

This sensor comparison is essential because the size of sensors in any digital camera largely determines that particular camera’s image quality. In this Canon EOS M5 vs. Canon EOS M6, sensors play a vital role. For example, a large sensor will provide you with larger individual pixel-units that will give you an edge over low-light sensitivity, more extensive dynamic range, and richer color-depth when compared to a camera with smaller pixels in a sensor. Not only this, an excellent sensor can allow a photographer to use a shallow depth of field more effectively, but the thing is, larger sensor cameras are costly to manufacture and have a high market price.

But let us jump to our main point of this Canon M5 Vs. M6 camera review. Both these Canon M6 and Canon M5 have an APS-C sensor and have a formal factor of 1.6. In our view, we can place these cameras in medium-sized sensors that will surely strike a balance between image quality and portability. The native aspect ratio is 3.2. Lastly, both even bear the same resolution, but we can make an educated guess that there might be a technological improvement in Canon M6 because it is the recent one of two. Both even have the same sensitivity range .i.e. ISO 100 to ISO 25600.

Electronic Viewfinder: Canon EOS M5 vs Canon EOS M6

So, here we are, to have Canon M5 Vs. M6 camera review. The most significant difference between these two cameras. Canon EOS M6 does not come with an electronic viewfinder, but it gives you the option of attaching an optional viewfinder such as EVF-DC1 or EVF-DC2 to the hot shoe. These both viewfinders are quite similar to the viewer you will find in Canon EOS M5, which is a 0.39-type having an OLED screen, 2360k dots, 120 frames per second refresh rate, an eyepoint of approximately 22 mm, and a 100 % field coverage.

Available lenses: Canon M5 Vs M6 Buyer Guide!

In this Canon M5 Vs. M6 buyer guide, as we have said earlier, both cameras support interchangeable lenses and believe us or not. Many vloggers are searching for such cameras because it allows you to capture things in different ways. Another question that may bug you is the availability of different lenses and how many different lenses.

So, if we compare Canon EOS M5 Vs. Canon EOS M6, both of these cameras come with the same Canon EF-M lens mount, and there are almost 20 native lenses available for both of these cameras. Moreover, it would help if you were looking for lenses with optical stabilization features because both of these cameras lack in-body image stabilization. Currently, five such lenses are available which have optical image stabilization for Canon EF-M mount.

Connectivity Comparison: Canon M5 Vs M6!

One should also look for how compatible is a camera with other image applications and how well it connects with them. This communication with its environment can be an important aspect of the camera decision process.

Both of these cameras have a hot shoe port, internal stereo microphone, mono internal speaker, a microphone port, a mini HDMI port, a USB port, but no headphone port. Both cameras also support WIFI, NFC, and Bluetooth. There is a lot more in this Canon M5 Vs. M6 buyer guide so that it is easier for you to choose the best camera for yourself.

Autofocus And Shooting Speeds Comparison:

Both of these cameras have Canon’s excellent Dual Pixel CMOS phase-detection AF system, with Canon M6’s version being slightly advanced. It is superior in terms of more automatic and precise focus across the farm. Moreover, Canon EOS M5 offers only face detection, while Canon EOS M6 provides both face and eye detection, especially in burst shooting and recording movies.

Now, if we talk about their shooting speeds, Canon M6 has some impressive continuous shooting speeds, which can be as fast as 14 fps with AF tracking while Canon M5 has a seven fps shooting speed with AF tracking.

Body Design: Canon M5 Vs M6 Buyer Guide!

Again, in this Canon M5 Vs. M6 camera review, let us discuss the body design. The Canon M5 has a hump for its electronic Viewfinder, and there is a slight rearrangement in dials in Canon M6 to make room for pop-up flash. The rear command dial of Canon EOS M6 has been slotted beneath the exposure compensation dial. Lastly, Canon M6 has an extra customizable button compared to Canon M5, and Canon M5 only comes in black color while Canon M6 is available in black and silver colors.

Camera Review: Video!

Surely, you will be purchasing a camera for multiple purposes, so you should be aware of both cameras’ video quality. In our experience, the video quality of Canon M6 excels slightly compared to the Canon M5’s video quality. You are also provided with two new features in Canon EOS M6: time-lapse photography and 4K frame-grab. And Canon M6 also does not crop the frame when filming 4K.

Why Canon EOS M5:

These are some reasons to choose Canon EOS M5.

  • It has an electronic viewfinder for image composition and settings control hence easier framing.
  • It has a larger screen for image viewing and settings control.
  • It even has a more detailed LCD with a higher resolution rear screen.
  • This Canon EOS M5 can be found at a lower price due to massive discounts out there.

Why Canon EOS M6?

These are some reasons to choose Canon EOS M6:

  • This camera has an intervalometer built-in for low-frequency shooting allowing you easier time-lapse photography.
  • If you are a size conscious, then this camera is more compact and will fit more readily into a bag and is comfortable while carrying around.
  • It is more affordable as it was originally launched at a lower price.
  • As it was launched a little bit later, therefore it has more modern features and technology.

So there is a tie! If you are looking for a perfect match for you, you should read the above details more carefully and then jot down those features which you love personally and will help you in your work. This will make it more clear for you to opt for the right camera. Remember that Canon cameras never disappoint, so be relaxed when jotting down the points.

Final Verdict:

We have a tingling sensation that you might have already chosen the camera for yourself after reading this Canon M5 Vs. M6 camera review because it is you who knows what suits your needs and is in your budget. But if we give a rating to both of these cameras in this Canon M5 Vs. M6 buyer guide it will be as the following.

Canon EOS M5!

  • Imaging: 60
  • Features: 76
  • Value: 84
  • Portability: 86
  • OVERALL: 74

Now let us cover our next camera!

Canon EOS M6!

  • Imaging: 60
  • Features: 73
  • Value: 84
  • Portability: 90
  • OVERALL: 73


Now that you have read all of the specs and details in this Canon M5 Vs. M6 buyer guide we can put all this in a nutshell that there are not many significant differences between the two models of Canon: Canon EOS M5 vs. Canon EOS M6. The thing which might impact your decision can be the size of the camera and availability of an electronic viewfinder and little much of the screen size as well. Some famous YouTubers also use these cameras.

Otherwise, both cameras are almost as good as any other camera in the market, so you do not have to worry about choosing the wrong camera. Just select that camera that your heat says and use it in your professional life.

I hope, after reading this review and comparison about Canon M5 vs M6, you will be able to decide which is good for you.