How Much Does A GoPro Cost?

GoPro Cost

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GoPro is the most popular brand of action camera available on the market. It is even so popular other action cameras are referred to as GoPros regardless of their brand. 

What makes GoPro so popular is the versatility and quality it brings to the table. How much does a GoPro cost?

They produce compact action cameras that customers worldwide trust. You can use it in several situations, and it is compatible with either professionals or casual users.

Do you want to purchase a GoPro? If so, then this article is for you. We will examine the cost of a GoPro camera, including possible hidden costs you may not consider. 

Is a GoPro camera any good?


 An action camera has to be compact and capable of recording in extreme conditions. Without this feature, extreme athletes and adventurers will not use the camera.

In addition, a good action camera should be waterproof, rugged, and versatile.

GoPro produces cameras that satisfy these conditions. Some users even view GoPro as the gold standard for action cameras.

Here are some of the features that make GoPro cameras worth your time.

It is compact

They are so tiny that they can fit into your pockets. Hence, you can take them anywhere, and are suited to any luggage size.

Their small size also ensures versatility. Given the right accessories, you can mount it wherever you want.

Furthermore, you can use it in places that do not allow professional cameras. After all, its small size and simple appearance mask its powerful capacities.

It is rugged

GoPro builds their action cameras with toughness in mind, allowing you to use it in extreme conditions. They are waterproof and can withstand most elements of the weather.

All these resistances make them excellent cameras for beachside use as they are not bothered by sand and water.

It has good imaging capabilities

Instead of a standard lens, the Gopro uses a wide-angle lens, helping you capture more. This wide-angle lens also creates a fish-eye look that improves the immersion of your action shots.

It is automatic

Its automatic shooting settings allow the user to enjoy hands-free recording, making it super easy to use.

You don't need to play around with settings when filming, as the GoPro calculates the exposure and adjusts automatically. 

Possible drawbacks

Like most action cameras, its small size means it cannot house a large battery. Due to this reason, GoPros suffer from limited battery capacity.

You will have to offset this with a spare battery or carefully plan your use. For older models, you can replace it with a newer battery.

Also, the lack of many buttons and its automatic style means you cannot adjust your settings on the fly. 

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GoPro Models available on the market

GoPro Models

You can group the various GoPro Models into four general groups. These groups consist of models that GoPro currently offers, and they include:

  1. GoPro Hero Black 
  2. GoPro Hero Black Creator Editor 
  3. GoPro Hero Black Mini 
  4. GoPro Max 

Each GoPro model targets a particular niche, while the GoPro Hero Black is the essential model of the brand.

Every year, new models of the GoPro Hero are released to customers and retailers worldwide. We will go into more detail about what each of these models offers. 

The cost of a GoPro Hero11 Black

GoPro Hero11 Black

The GoPro Hero is the focal series of the brand, and the GoPro Hero11 Black is the current flagship model of the brand.

It is equipped with all the latest features developed by GoPro and is among the best GoPro cameras you can get. 

As for the cost, the GoPro Hero11 Black will cost you between $499-549. What you will get for that money is a camera with up to 5.3k video resolution at 60 fps.

The larger 8 x 7 image sensor ensures you capture more of the scene at a higher quality of 27MP.

With its video resolution and high-quality sensor, you can get an 8X slo-mo video with up to 27K video resolution.

The GoPro Hero11 Black is waterproof up to 33 feet or 10 meters. It also has a water-repellant lens that synergizes well with its water resistance. Therefore, you always get crystal clear shots, even when things get wet.

The camera uses a larger battery with improved battery life to give you more minutes of recording.

It can last up to 80 minutes of video recording at maximum settings or 137 minutes at 1080p/30 fps.

What is most interesting about the GoPro Hero11 Black is the enhanced features that are improvements of the previous technology.

These technologies were new with the release of the GoPro Hero9 but have come a long way since then.

One of these new technologies is HyperSmooth 5.0, which ensures video stabilization irrespective of your speed or movement.

It features AutoBoost to stabilize your videos and Horizon Lock to keep the horizon steady, even for 360-degree spins.

The cost of a GoPro Hero10 Black

GoPro Hero10 Black


The GoPro Hero10 Black was the former flagship model before being replaced by the Hero11 Black. It has experienced a significant price drop after losing its flagship status.

Hence, it can be a great camera if you want quality but can’t afford the cost of a GoPro Hero11 Black.

For $399 – 449, you can get your hands on a GoPro Hero10 Black, which is cheaper than its previous price of $449-499.

It possesses most of the technology you will see on the Hero11, even though they are older versions of the same technology. 

Even though the battery has a lower battery life when compared to the Hero11 at 112 minutes, it still possesses the same video quality of 5.3K video resolution with a 23MP image quality.

Like the Hero11, it is waterproof up to 33 feet or 10 meters and still has the same rugged attributes.

The cost of a GoPro Hero9 Black

GoPro Hero9 Black


The GoPro Hero9 is a solid camera and contains most of the technologies you will see in newer models.

Some of these technologies include HyperSmooth 3.0, which offers video image stabilization. 

In addition, the Hero9 Black is the pioneer of the HorizonLock feature. This feature keeps your horizon level even up to a 45-degree spin.

For about $329 - 350, you can get your hands on a GoPro Hero9. It is waterproof up to 33 feet or 10 meters with a hydrophobic lens that helps you keep shots clear. It has a picture quality of 20MP and a video quality of 5.3K.

The cost of a GoPro MAX



If you want to capture immersive 360 footage while still enjoying the features of a Hero series, then the GoPro MAX was designed for you.

With its six mics for capturing audio in a 360 format, it has the best audio capabilities of any GoPro. Also, its MAX HyperSmooth feature can offer a stable horizon up to a 180-degree flip. 

The price of a GoPro MAX starts at $499. It is worth the money and is the only 360 camera from GoPro.

Using this camera, you can take a 270-degree panorama video without scanning the horizon. The enhanced wide-angle lens captures everything that is in front of it.

However, unlike every other GoPro camera, it is only waterproof up to a depth of 16 feet (5 meters).

To reach the depth of regular GoPro cameras, you will need additional housing to protect it.

With this camera, you can also record in the typical Hero mode. Due to its exceptional wide-angle lens, you have many options for recording in Hero mode, including Narrow, Linear, Wide, and MAX SuperView.

It is the first GoPro to offer the MAX SuperView. The MAX SuperView is currently the most extensive view of any GoPro camera.

The cost of a GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition

GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition


Starting at $699, the GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition has all the features and GoPro accessories to help you express your creative side.

It is designed with vloggers and live streamers in mind and allows you to record comfortably for extended periods. 

The Volta is the battery of the GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition, and it acts as a handgrip or tripod when needed.

It can provide up to over 4 hours of runtime. Other GoPro accessories with the Hero11 Creator Edition are the Media Mod, the Light Mod, and a 32GB MicroSD card. 

In addition, the Creator Edition improves on the features of the typical Hero11.

It is the best GoPro camera, with a revolutionary image sensor that lets you capture all the scenery in a single shot.

Furthermore, it uses HyperSmooth 5.0, providing excellent image stabilization for your videos.

Are you a streamer or vlogger that is always on the move? Do you need a better camera? Add the extra money and get the GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition.

You will find that it delivers features tailored to your needs compared to other GoPro cameras.

The cost of a GoPro Hero11 Black Mini

GoPro Hero11 Black Mini

Source: Explorersweb.Com

The GoPro Hero11 Black Mini is a new GoPro that is the smaller version of the Hero11 Black. It features double mounts instead of the single mount you see on larger GoPros.

One of the mounts is on the base, while the other is at the back of the camera. 

An interesting fact about the Hero11 Black Mini is that it has all the same features as the Hero11 Black. However, it doesn't have a front-facing display like the typical Hero11 Black.

Also, you can only operate it using the two buttons available. The buttons available are the mode button and the shutter button.

Starting at $399, you can get your hands on the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini. It is the same price as the Hero10 Black. 

Optimized for mounting on helmets, the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini is versatile. Its small size makes it the most versatile of all the GoPro cameras, and it can be mounted anywhere.

Hence, it can fit in places where the larger GoPros will not, and is the best GoPro for mounted recording. It also has HyperSmooth 5.0, which provides video stabilization.

Accessories Needed for a GoPro Camera

The costs discussed are for the camera and do not include the other accessories. Only the GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition comes with a set of compulsory accessories.

While the camera constitutes the bulk of the costs, there are still some accessories you may need to purchase. The accessories you need will depend on the intended use of the camera.

However, you can't use your action camera to its full potential unless you get these essential accessories.

A GoPro handgrip

Due to their small size, it is awkward to hold a GoPro camera when filming. If you clasp it when filming, you may drop it as there is nothing tangible to hold onto on the bare camera. 

To make up for this, you will need a GoPro handgrip to carry your camera when recording.

This handgrip is especially useful when you are snorkeling or swimming. You can lose your camera permanently if you fumble it, as GoPro cameras do not float.

A GoPro floating handgrip can help help you hold your action camera properly and ensure you do not lose it to the bottom of the sea.

They cost about $25 and attach securely to your GoPro camera. 

A memory card with enough storage

GoPro cameras do come with a memory card, but they are sometimes slow and have little space.

To avoid missing out on crucial moments due to insufficient space, you will need a fast microSD card with plenty of storage.

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An extra battery

Except you get the Hero11 Black Creator Edition, you will suffer from limited battery life. An extra battery can help you record for longer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to subscribe to GoPro to be able to purchase their cameras?

No, you don't have to subscribe to purchase their cameras. However, GoPro offers some unique features to their subscribers, including a discount when they buy a camera. 

Is it worth it to get a GoPro subscription?

Yes, it is worth it. The subscription is yearly and costs about $50. If you subscribe, you can get a discounted Hero11 Black for $399, while an unsubscribed customer will get it for about $549.

Does GoPro record sound well?

Yes, GoPro can record sound well with their high-tech in-built microphones. If you want a GoPro for its superior sound capacities, you should go for the GoPro MAX. It has the best audio system of all the GoPros.

Can a GoPro zoom?

Yes, they can. However, only digital zoom is possible for GoPro cameras. Digital zoom involves cropping the image instead of magnifying it by moving the lens.

However, GoPro compensates for the lost image when zooming with its wide-angle lens.

Which GoPro is best for photography?

The best GoPro camera for photography is the recently released GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition. It has the best camera when you compare it to other models.

Conclusion - How Much Does A GoPro Cost?

Getting an action rig using regular cameras can be expensive. GoPro cameras are convenient and versatile, allowing you to capture the action everywhere you go.

With a GoPro action cam, you will not miss out on those moments that are important to you. Therefore, they are a good investment if you frequently record action shots.

A good GoPro may cost you between $329 and $699 for only the camera. However, some accessories are necessary for the camera, irrespective of its intended use.

A floating handgrip and fast microSD cards with plenty of storage will help you get the best from your camera.

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