What Cameras Famous YouTubers Use for Vlogging? (Top Best Cameras)

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Living in this digital era, the worth of possessing an optimum camera is undeniable, especially when it comes to a platform like YouTube, where a professional camera is a must-have!

Be it a vlog or a highly technical tutorial, the camera plays a significant role in the way it portrays your content.

Although owning the best camera isn’t the only thing you need to excel your YouTube channel, it surely does need to be among your checklist toppers.

Several factors should be kept in mind while selecting the camera that would fit in for you.

This strategy is used by famous YouTubers to stay among the toppers and maintain their standards to keep their followers and subscribers engaged. If you are starting vlogging on YouTube, then this is very helpful for you.

What Cameras Famous YouTubers Use?

While choosing among almost thousands of existing options that blow the mind of your audience with its hype, checking out the list of the cameras famous YouTubers use isn’t a bad idea, Right?

If that’s the case, let’s get straight into it so that you can grab the optimum choice for you without any hassle and confusion that you were having in your mind before diving into this article, because we are going to wipe them off to give you a clear cut vision of what you need!


Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

PewDiePie, a Swedish comedian and YouTube, is unmatchable for his ethereal videos on YouTube with 104.2 million subscribers and 6,540,586 views.

The professional camcorder used by PewDiePie to capture the videos mostly from home is Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder.

Being on the top and rocking YouTube, PewDiePie obviously won’t use anything less than ethereal for shooting his audience winning content.

So, if you are looking for something extraordinary, then this camera would surely be an excellent pick for you.


  • Fantastic Super clear picture quality
  • Pretty easy to understand settings
  • External microphone jack


  • Fewer ports
  • Requires object within 10 feet for auto focus

It has an outclass lens with high definition and a sensor with improved ability to cope with low light and super focus (because it has a smaller chip) that leaves you with no less than miraculously eye-catching content for your YouTube channel that will surely stand out when it comes to the quality of the recorded video.

It has a 3.0-inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, which is easily flappable for you to set it at any angle according to your ease.

Its professional performance for live streaming cannot be ignored as well. Whether you are a pro at video recording or just a wannabe this product is definitely for you


  • Elegant design
  • Simple user interface
  • Decent battery timing
  • External microphone jack


  • Quality needs improvement
  • Overpriced

Joey Graceffa, currently with 9.39 million subscribers, is one of the famous names whose channel has made its mark with exceptionally unique and enchanting vlogs along with gaming content.

Joey has been seen using Canon Power shot G7 X Mark for shooting most of his vlogs. This camera is undoubtedly one of the top famous YouTubers' choices.


  • Auto mode available
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-portable
  • Ultra HD quality
  • Amazing stabilization
  • Works best in low-light


  • Expensive
  • No external mic

Belonging to one of the famous brands, this masterpiece can capture the best for you. Equipped with a 1.0-inch screen, 20.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, best quality high-resolution, and 3.0 inches LCD monitor, being ultra-portable and lightweight, it’s featured to provide you with the best possible outcome.


  • Amazing photo quality
  • Auto mode equipped
  • Hassle free handling
  • Ultra-portable
  • Night shot / low light friendly


  • Comparatively low battery life

Who isn't familiar with Roman Atwood when it comes to vlogs full of humor.  Roman uses this camera to shoot his ever so amazing videos that never fail to amaze his viewers.

Right now, you must be thinking about what makes this camera the favorable choice of some of the most awesome YouTubers. Well. We will clear this for you in no time!

This camera is designated as World's first1 201 MP 1" Exmore RS stacked, and its high-resolution 4K movie recording is a beautiful addition to the already amazing features that let you nail your shootings.


  • Good sound quality.
  • Supports very dim or bright light shoot.
  • Relatively small in size and easy to handle.
  • Plenty of pixels


  • Lacks GPS
  • A bit costly
  • Requires a screen protector

DJI is well equipped with all the accessories and has a microphone input and built-in ND filter.

Its autofocus would provide optimum quality results for both still images and continuous videos and has secure connectivity to your mobile phone through Wi-Fi with a 3-inch touch screen.

Reliable and robust construction makes it easier for you to handle stable photography.

So, if you are looking for a DSLR that can capture your beautiful memories forever just as alive and beautiful as they are in such a compact form, then that is absolutely a perfect choice.


  • Supports night mode
  • Very easy to handle
  • Ultra HD quality
  • Durable


  • Requires a screen protector

Shane Lee Yaw, also called Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber who owns three YouTube channels that have earned enormous views to date.

Moreover, he is running an active channel on YouTube, known as Shane. His channel has more than 5 billion views, along with an impressive number of 23 million subscribers.

This is no less than one of the most challenging achievements in such a competitive environment. He is rocking the YouTube world with his versatile content.

A YouTuber with such a bulk amount of content to be handled will never compromise on the camera that he uses to shoot his videos to ensure the maximum retention of his viewers and subscribers.

 It has a New 30.4 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that ensures the versatile shooting in almost any amount of light available for you to shoot so that you can shoot practically anywhere and anytime, with several video options available.

The improvised speed lets you capture your most amazing moments with no problem at all. One of the features that cannot be ignored is its lightweight and not so complex settings.


  • Equipped with buttons and touch screen simultaneously
  • High resolution capture
  • Weather friendly
  • Noise reduction


  • Lacks tilt screen
  • No EVF

You do not have to hold a massive, robust, and hard-to-use camera for your long shoots. Its soft and quiet shutter is another advantage that helps you in noise-free and smooth shooting with many damped vibrations.

Whether the video is live or to be uploaded afterward, this dynamic ranged camera is all good to go.

This camera has an outstanding feature that makes it stand out; it allows you to shoot even in extreme weather conditions.

Be it an extremely cold or hot day, its weather-friendly performance remains the same altogether.


  • Equipped with buttons and touch screen simultaneously
  • High resolution capture
  • Water proof ability
  • Easy user interface


  • Heavy camera

Gone are the times when women used to stand at the back. Women, no doubt, have revolutionized the YouTube industry in the most fabulous ways one can ever adore!

Be it vlogs, makeup tutorials, designing sessions, or kitchen videos; many amazing ladies are leading YouTube with their content.

Zoella is one on the top of these kinds of lists with 11.3 Million subscribers. She uses a Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera for her videos.

Its dual-pixel facilitates live view as well as video. It is also equipped with a Built-in flash with a unified Speedlight transmitter and hot shoe.


  • Built in image stabilization
  • Affordable
  • Focus friendly for almost all lenses


  • Not a 4k camera
  • Comparatively less effective low light performance

This is a brilliant vlogging camera, mainly if most of your shoots constitute a solo performance.

Moreover, it makes it easy for you to deliver it to your audience without much struggle.

Its facial autofocus and the articulating touch screen are impressive, along with the screen that is easily adjustable at any angle to shoot conveniently.

It owes easy to menus that are relatively easy to navigate. So if you are a newcomer to the YouTube industry and want a camera that has maximum YouTube supporting features at a modest price, then you shouldn’t miss it.


  • Elegant design
  • Pretty affordable
  • User friendly interface
  • Clear HD picture quality


  • Not a 4k camera
  • Overpriced

The Ultimate Camera Buying Guide

The markets are full of multitasking cameras, but several factors are to be considered while choosing a camera that could cope with the diverse range of content that you intend to upload on YouTube and build up a successful YouTube channel that never disappoints your viewers and subscribers.

Why don’t have a quick look at the list of things that should be kept in mind before purchasing your camera?

Type of camera

Camera type is an essential point because it somehow directly impacts the kind of content that you want to shoot for your channel.

Point-and-shoot cameras, mirrorless cameras, DSLRs are the various types of cameras available. Be sure to pick the model that suits your content correctly.


No doubt, YouTube has unmatchable standards, so it demands high-resolution videos to maintain the norm when the market is flooded with 4k cameras, although 720p is bearable to be honest, anything less than 1080p will not give that much level of desired results. 

Higher the quality, better the results! You don’t want your videos to look years older.

Image Stability

Different YouTubers shoot in different conditions and environments. Image stability should be an essential point to ponder to ensure desired results, especially if you are going to shoot mostly on uneven paths, mountain areas. If the image isn’t stable, you will not be able to ensure maximum focus.

Price Range

The price range is essential, especially i0f you are a newbie in the YouTube family and don’t have that much amount of money.

You can easily compare prices after shortlisting a couple of cameras that you consider to be the best options for your final purchase.

It is not an impossible task to try to grab a camera for your YouTube channel that facilitates your pocket too.

Material Durability

Just like factors like the factors mentioned above, material and its durability should also be assessed because the camera is a device that is much prone to damage, especially when you are using it in a variety of places to shoot.

A durable camera will relieve you of the stress of wear and tear, although some companies have now come up with free of cost repair.

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Still, it is better to select a durable one in the first place to avoid any inconvenience while running your youtube channel.


Although it isn’t a must-have feature mainly when you are talking about YouTubevideo but if you wish to use your camera to upload pictures directly from your camera to social networking sites to keep your followers updated about you in case don’t have the time to plug your camera into a laptop or personal computer, then it must be equipped with Wi-Fi.


Let’s brief you about what we have discussed so far. In this article, we have tried to familiarize you with the ten cameras famous YouTubers use to shoot their videos.

Along with these, we have reviewed the most important features, along with their pros and cons. This article has mainly tried to help you find the best one for yourself.

The buying guide will help you focus on some particular points so that your purchase doesn’t disappoint you in any way and lets you shoot whatever you want.

If you are still unsure which camera to buy, then read our ten best vlogging cameras with flip screen. That has the best vlogging cameras for new bloggers and beginners alike.

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